Webinar: Sparking Student Engagement: Strategies for Classroom Success


Webinar: Sparking Student Engagement: Strategies for Classroom Success





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Sparking Student Engagement: Strategies for Classroom Success Webinar

Did you know that “engagement” declines each year that a student is in a K-12 school?  Boredom is an everyday struggle for nearly 60 percent of students in grades 6–12, according the annual Gallup Student Poll.  The brain naturally seeks activities with which to engage – so boredom can lead to disruptive, unproductive behaviors.  The percentage of students who are “actively disengaged” has skyrocketed by 20 percent over the past decade, according to Gallup.

Dr. Bryan Harris, author of Battling Boredom: 99 Strategies to Spark Student Engagement, will explore the impact of boredom on achievement and the root causes of boredom during this 70-minute webinar.  Attendees will benefit from Dr. Harris’ Battling Boredom Framework, which includes strategies to begin and end a lesson, strategies for solo/independent work, strategies for reluctant learners and strategies for movement.  Dr. Harris will also provide practical tools that you can incorporate in your classroom to engage students and to minimize boredom. Explore ways to:

  • Incorporate movement into lessons
  • Give students more control over how they learn
  • Create relationships with students
  • Make real-world connections to what is being taught
  • Use humor to engage students

Attendees will be asked to commit to a “7-Minute Challenge” to engage students more fully.


Attendees will:

  • Understand what boredom is and how it affects behavior.
  • Discover the causes of boredom in school.
  • Learn what the “perfect storm” of boredom is and how educators play a part. Understand the risk factors associated with boredom.
  • Develop an understanding of how the brain is physically affected when a student is bored.
  • Gain an appreciation of how physical movement can alleviate boredom due to the relationship between physical and cognitive development.


  • Teachers
  • School Counselors
  • Principals and Deans
  • Curriculum Directors
  • Intervention Specialists

About the Presenter:

Bryan Harris, Ed.D.

Bryan Harris, Ed.D. has been an educator for over 25 years. He served as a classroom teacher, an elementary school principal and a district level director. Currently, Dr. Harris works full time as a consultant, speaker, trainer and author. He has trained over 18,000 educators in powerful and effective strategies that increase student engagement and achievement and is known for is engaging presentations and trainings that demonstrate relevant and practical strategies. Dr. Harris is the author of five books including the popular Battling Boredom.

Dr. Harris earned a Bachelor of Science in Education and a Masters of Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University. He received his doctorate from Bethel University in Minnesota after studying factors impacting new teacher retention.

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