Disruptive Behavior Disorders: ODD, ADHD and CD - Wired Differently Series Part 3


Disruptive Behavior Disorders: ODD, ADHD and CD - Wired Differently Series Part 3




You know those students who make your day super difficult?  Those who exhibit an ongoing pattern of uncooperative or hostile actions – such as temper tantrums, fighting, cruelty and defiance toward parents and teachers?

These students are confrontational and can elicit unsupportive reactions from educators. In fact, typically educators slip into a pattern of coercion and punishment. Non-disruptive peers start to reject the disruptive students as they go through school – isolating them and driving them to associate with other disruptive students. This path leads to academic difficulties and failure, poor relationships with peers, early initiation of substance abuse, juvenile delinquency and conviction of violent crimes. But, these students may actually have a Disruptive Behavior Disorder – Oppositional Defiant Disorder, ADHD and/or Conduct Disorder.

During this 90-minute webinar, Mike Paget, M.Ed. will explore these disorders and share effective practices for working with students challenged by these disorders in the classroom. He will discuss risk factors at school that add to or encourage a student to be disruptive including deviant peer groups, tolerance of bullying, poor attachment to school and inadequate behavior management.

Further, Mike will examine each of the disorders – ODD, ADHD and CD – and connect the dots between the three. ODD will be thoroughly explained, as well as the characteristics that must be present for a diagnosis. What does the ODD student think and feel about authority figures? Mike will fully explore this and share practical accommodations that will reduce confrontation with these students. He will also discuss accommodations for students with ADHD that educators can use in the classroom and reveal how to connect compassionately and honestly with students with ADHD. Finally, Conduct Disorder will be defined and explored.  Attendees will learn why getting tough and zero tolerance don’t work with these students. Discover how educators can avoid power struggles and not take the behavior personally.

Learning Objectives:

  • Know the risk factor for and symptoms of ODD, ADHD and CD
  • Discover classroom accommodations and strategies for dealing with Disruptive Behavior Disorders
  • Gain strategies for de-escalating confrontational situations in your classroom
  • Learn why it’s important to avoid
    • Lectures and sermons
    • Interruption
    • Yelling
    • Arguing
  • Learn to use other approaches such as
    • Brevity
    • Listening
    • Using a neutral tone of voice
    • Honesty and humor
  • Discover how to build self-management in resistant students through strength coaching, generosity and re-framing.

About the Presenter:

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Mike Paget, M.Ed.

Mike currently works as a state consultant for students with severe emotional and behavioral problems. He has worked with ODD, CD and other special needs students for more than 25 years. Mike is an innovator of effective approaches for working with extremely challenging students. He has conducted seminars across the U.S. and Canada for educators on creative techniques for managing classroom behavior, student aggression and crisis intervention.

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