Cyman Learns Cyber Smarts and Dangers by Richard Guerry


Cyman Learns Cyber Smarts and Dangers by Richard Guerry


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Cyman is a cyber-surfer who learns that the responsible use of technology and the Internet can be very rewarding, but abusing these technologies can often lead to some terrible consequences. After making some poor decisions, such taking a not-so-nice picture and texting a bullying message with his cell phone, he realizes the outcome of misusing digital devices. As expected, each of Cyman’s poor judgments eventually lead to shocking, terribly embarrassing and dangerous consequences. Cyman learns that he needs to use much, much more caution when using any technology. His story helps his schoolmates – and us – learn the rewards of positive decision making with technology – and the consequences of abuse – to make sure we all think smarter and stay safer in the rapidly evolving digital world.

Cyman Says:  “Before we create something digital, despite our intent, we must first be prepared, for it to be Public and Permanent.”

Paperback version includes reproducible activity pages at the end of the story.

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