Counseling Strategies & Resources
Conference // 2019

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The Counseling Strategies & Resources Conference features best practices from educators and other professionals working with youth. Some programs will be research-tested, while others will be promising, innovative approaches created by practicing professionals to help them better connect with different types of students. These innovative strategies may help with:

 – Transforming bullies

 – Reframing resistant students

 – Connecting with defiant students

 – Motivating apathetic students

 – Changing self-destructive beliefs in children & teens

 – Transforming bully bystanders into interveners

 – Empowering bully targets

 – Helping socially alienated students

 – Working with youth who self-mutilate

 – Children & Teens experiencing loss

 – Overcoming past traumatic events

In 2019, the Counseling Strategies & Resources Conference will be held in Orlando (March 21-24) as part of the Innovative Schools Summit Orlando.

Conference attendees receive access to all Summit sessions (on a space available basis).

Innovative School Summit Orlando
March 21-24, 2019

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